Timeless: Episode 7, trapped in the past, our criticism

Cinema 23 November, 2016

After the intensity of the episode last week, Timeless does not relax the pressure and offers 7 episode that breaks the routine, for better blocking the trio in the past.

nbc-timeless-serie-saison-1-episode-7-critiqueStar Wars can be lifesaving . Rufus and Jiya very well prove in this new episode of Timeless where they will save the machine by trying one of the techniques introduced in the film. Our time travelers trio find themselves stuck in 1754 after Flynn’s men damaged their ship. Rufus will implement for the first time the aid protocol. But it will be more complicated than expected. Separated by 260 years or so, they will have to work in teams to return to the present. Hurt and upset by the revelations of episode 6 of Timeless, which is critical to read melty , Wyatt will have to forgive Lucy and Rufus their secrets. While they are chased by French soldiers and Shawnee Indians, the trio must find parts to repair the gaping hole in their machine to travel in time. While the situation is complicated for them, apologies and good feelings take over. Rufus and Lucy Wyatt are never better than when bossent together, hand in hand. The biggest priority of the writers of the show was to manage the consequences of the previous episode and they do it well , but certainly obviously effective nonetheless.
For the first time since the beginning of the series, we are seeing many more things in the present, while the trio ride in time. Mason and Christopher Jiya agent have much more airtime and c ‘ is beneficial . The young scientist is revealed and we appreciate enormously. The agent of Homeland Security gives us a little wary hearts in Mason and launching an investigation into the company executive. We also really like the end of the episode, when Jiya and Rufus kiss … well forgiveness when Jiya passionately embraces a Rufus too shy to declare his feelings. In short, all is well that ends well … Even the relationship between Wyatt, played by Matt Lanter and his colleagues rassérénées; it was needed because Rittenhouse and Garcia Flynn, absent from this new venture, always lurking, ready to hurt one way or another. They will have to stand together to fight against them.
Timeless, which NBC has ordered additional episodes , continues to surprise us with this new episode. The series gets better from week to week, from time travel in time travel . Now that the important revelations have occurred, the writers decided to rob their eyes on even tertiary secondary characters and it was a good thing. The world of show wins enormously. So we continue to have fun in front of the co-created by Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan series. The entertainment always proves quality and made to look a little to the other characters give it more substance. This is a good thing and it would be a shame to miss. Especially that this may be complicated dangerously for the trio in future episodes. So you liked this episode 7 of Timeless?