Timeless: Episode 8, betrayal, family and Apollo 11, our criticism

Cinema 30 November, 2016

Timeless looks this week in the conquest of space and our time travelers trio must save Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin death.

nbc-timeless-serie-sf-episode-8-critiqueThis week, Garcia Flynn wants to undermine the American conquest of space. Timeless, which received an additional order of episodes NBC , addresses a large piece of world history by mixing it with the little American history. Here, episode 8 takes short film Figures from the shadows and the series highlights Katherine Johnson, NASA’s African-American scientist who helped the US space program . Rufus is thrilled to meet and work with him to rescue stranded astronauts on the moon. Anthony, the mentor of Rufus, who works with Flynn, did everything to sabotage the Apollo 11 mission and prevent his friend to rectify the situation. The confrontation between the two scientists is violent and it marks a complete break between them. However, at the turn of a conversation, Anthony reveals that if it helps Flynn is because he did not want his machine to travel back in time falls into the hands of Rittenhouse . Why ? What do they do? What is their ultimate goal? Lucy asks questions but unfortunately no answers.
After the revelations of episode 7 of Timeless, which is critical to read melty , you learn more about Garcia Flynn. It focuses on a young widow, a mother of one, who works to become a space engineer. But Wyatt is on his trail. The writers here trying to humanize their wicked, give it another dimension. And it works. This woman is his mother and Gabriel, his half brother he just saved from certain death. This meeting therefore eliminates one of the fans of theories that said that Lucy and Wyatt could be his parents . Too bad, it was believed there but it seemed complicated to set up. This is especially confirmed that the agent Christopher reveals a confidential file to the trio. Anyway, this little trick of Flynn in his family allows him to keep alive his half brother. This gives even more desire to save his sister Lucy. And we must admit that the dog look defeated Wyatt made us understand that it will again try to rescue his wife from his mysterious death.
The writers of Timeless provide us with this episode 8 intense and exciting adventure. They reveal a true story that should speak more and deserves a movie … # OhWait, the film about Katherine Johnson, the mathematician NASA in 2017 arrives in our cinemas. Nevertheless, the trio has much to do in this episode that goes at the speed of light. The series does not lose its quality and it is always a smart entertainment. More episodes more we advance the plot stuff and we take pleasure in following Wyatt, Rufus and Lucy in their space-time wanderings . We will not sulk our pleasure especially as co-creators, Erik Kripke and Shawn Ryan , promises new revelations and surprises by Christmas. Father Christmas will arrive early this year. How did you find this episode of Timeless?