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Health 3 July, 2017


The daughter of Brigitte Macron already ready to bounce Tiphaine Auzière, defeat in the recent legislative, remains very close to his mother Brigitte Macron and no shortage of projects.

Tiphaine Auzière has left the front of the stage since the election of his father-in-law, Emmanuel Macron. Young motherin full bloom, the youngest daughter of Brigitte Macron is not apesantie on his defeat in legislative elections. She featured as a substitute in a district of the Opal Coast, where she lives with her partner and his two children, Elise and Aurelius,not far from le Touquet. She did not wish to stand for itself a position of mp, aware that her young children and her profession of a lawyer’s monopolised a lot already.

“What lawyer wouldn’t like to invent laws. But there will always be a lot of people to become mps… Less for raising my two children ! “had she confided in march last in the book “The Macron” (Fayard). The daughter-in-law of the president takes, for the moment, of his family. She sometimes found her mother and Emmanuel Macron for weekends with the family at The Lantern. Last Saturday, she also made an appearance at the Longines Paris Eiffel jumping, as Anne Hidalgo, Rachida Dati, Vincent Perez, or Bruce Springsteen. Not ready to stop at the first obstacle on his path, the young woman has since several months on the project to open his own firm as counsel. It should launch in a few weeks.

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