To avoid the ” assholes that would damage his grave “, Brigitte Bardot, will be buried in it – Gala

Entertainment 22 January, 2018


Removed from the media for the past several years, Brigitte Bardot has chosen The World for an interview in which the former actress confides on its end-of-life.

Brigitte Bardot retired from show business for several decades. Away from the world of cinema, and in it, the former actress has changed his life to devote himself to a fight that was close to his heart, the protection of animals. In an interview confidences in the World, the one who was the sex symbol of the 70s confides on its end-of-life. In the columns of the evening paper, Brigitte Bardot explains why she made the request to be buried in her house, La Madrague, in Saint-Tropez…

“I chose a small corner, close to the sea, which has been endorsed by the authorities “, explains Brigitte Bardot before adding : “I prefer to stand there in the cemetery of Saint-Tropez, where a crowd of assholes would run the risk of damaging the grave of my parents and my grandparents. I want them all peace ! “, adds the actress.

Like Johnny Hallyday, who has chosen his last resting place in St Barth at the marine cemetery of Lorient, away from the metropolis, the former actress has chosen a tomb out of sight and the excitement of the cemetery of St Tropez. A choice that, in the case of the Taulier, made cringe. As part of its projects of his lifetime, the icon of French cinema intends to uphold his last wishes… and left to react once again.

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Brigitte Bardot

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