To be faithful to the books, the actors of Game of Thrones should have these trunks

Cinema 17 January, 2017

If the realism were pushed to the max, Tyrion and all the clique of Westeros would have these heads.
For once, we can not really say that “Game of Thrones” is to be counted among these TV / film adaptations are being slaughtered by the fans because the content would move away too much of the original work. Instead, the showrunners of the HBO series were able to make changes while retaining what makes the magic of “Game of Thrones”, the literary saga by George RR Martin . But imagine for a moment that the realism is pushed to its paroxysm, of the style chop of the actors who resemble in relation to the description of the characters in the books. And bah from our friends at Brightside would look like this.
Tyrion Lannister
According to the books, Tyrion has gray hair and woolly eyes (one green and the other black). But most of all, he retains great consequences from the Battle of the Nera (Battle of Blackwater Bay), which caused him to lose three quarters of his nose and part of his lips. In the series, “the gnome” just kept some scars in the face.
Daenerys Targaryen
Like most Valyrians, Daenerys has white hair and violet eyes.
Harington Kit
Jon Snow is depicted as a gray-eyed young man.
Brienne of Torth
If Brienne is often mocked in the series for her “unusual” appearance, she is much uglier in books with a reddish face and chicos to scare away any pretender.
Bran Stark
Bran inherited from her mother her red hair and blue eyes rather dark.
Ramsay Bolton
George RR Martin tried to make the character as disgusting as possible, a trick in the image of his personality. Ramsay thus has the complexion that turns pink, a cut of hair mule atrocious and close eyes that chill the blood.
Theon Greyjoy
Contrary to what the show shows, Theon has a much more tanned complexion and black hair.
Tywin Lannister
The patriarch of the house Lannister has flaps and not a hair over the pebble.
Daario Naharis
It passes unnoticed the good man. In the books, Daario has an abundant blue hair, as well as a beard of the same color in the form of a trident with a golden mustache. The hipster of the kingdom of the 7 crowns.
Oberyn Martell
The actor Pedro Pascal has many characteristics in common with the character of Oberyn Martell. Apart from perhaps at the level of the hair length.
Asha (Yara) Greyjoy
In addition to a change of name (Asha became Yara), Theon’s sister has a changed chouia compared to books: she normally has much shorter black hair and a more dented face.
Euron Greyjoy
In the original version, Euron Greyjoy plays Nick Fury with a pirate eye shadow. He also has a much better brown beard trimmed.
Jon Snow’s only crush is a bit more cheum than in the series, with abandoned hair, a damaged face and a dentition far from perfect.
Tommen Baratheon
King Tommen is actually more chubby, has green eyes and a big blond bunch.
Lancel Lannister
To mark the extremist shift from Lancel to the Sparrows, George RR Martin made the choice to physically change him by graying his hair and goat. In the series, Cousin’s cousin simply changed his haircut.