To travel is your kiff, your passion, dreams to do only that? Tom Hanks is the reverse

Cinema 10 January, 2017

When you leave your home, it’s to kiffer. Every time, you go home with crazy memories and want to leave. For the actor, it’s not too much …

A kind of black cat specializing in travel. As soon as he’s there, there’s a ball. And of course, even if it is to be in galley, as much as it is by plane or boat as often as possible. In short, if you see him with you, flee while there is still time. Here is proof that it will go wrong. For him, it never fails. Or always, finally you understand what.
“Alone in the world”
In the middle of Christmas. While he dines quietly with his wife and family, Chuck is called urgently by his box, FedEx. He has to go far, far away, to troubleshoot a customer, right now. Good pear, he rushes take a direct plane. Which crashes and leaves only one survivor: him. So you, another passenger, would already be dead. And Tom Hanks, suddenly, finds himself stuck on a desert island (Fiji). Nothing to do, to eat, to drink … He must disgorge himself to survive.
“Captain Phillips”
On MV Maersk Alabama, it is he who makes the law. Finally, as long as everything happens normally. That is to say not long because four Somali pirates attack them, he and his crew. Since he has principles, Captain Phillips lets his subordinates hide in the engine room and then gets caught as a hostage. And when he thinks he can free himself in exchange for a canoe and a pony, he goes off again as a lollipop. And everyone must follow him to the shores of Somalia. Not at all risky.
Still with the joysticks, another galley. Driver of US Airways flight 1549, Chesley Sullenberger is faced with a damage and must make a decision quickly. What he does brilliantly by opting for a landing on Lake Hudson, which does not make any death among the 155 passengers and members of the aircraft (including him). So, ok, he gets out of it, but I bet he will never fly again. Finished the trips to the other end of the world, it will move by bus and train, in Bergkamp mode. Long live buses crowded and noisy, long live trains at prohibitive rates. Or he becomes a regular carpooler and has to ask two weeks for the least vacation.
“The terminal”
First stay in the States, you are boiling, you can not any more. You’ve been talking about it for years, preparing it. And there it is, you put your foot on the soil Rican and … you take a big stop. No pussy, arrived at the airport, friend Viktor Navorski sees that a war broke out in his country. As a result, the US forbid him to go home. Well, let’s admit. While preventing back their territory . So what do we do ? Bah he finds himself squattering the airport for months, waiting for a solution … You live in the toilets, on benches, you get chased, we push you to the end. Nice trip.
“Apollo 13”
To change, it takes this time a rocket. Yeah, the galleys by plane or by boat, it’s tiring to force. Here, James Lovell takes part in a NASA mission: go on the moon. The take-off takes place unhindered, alas an explosion occurs on board, some time after. The astronaut and his colleagues see a supply of oxygen bursting and another being damaged. As the control module . As a result, Tom Hanks / James Lovell finds himself piloting with the pifometer, without guidance, because the power supply and electronic devices have been cut. We must pray to reach the Earth without crusting ourselves. You agree, you do not know anybody more unlucky?