Tom Cruise and women: loser in life, winner on screen

Entertainment 11 November, 2016

In Jack Reacher never go back , Tom Cruise starred with Cobie Smulders. A little known actress but has an important role in history. As often in the recent career of the star who chooses the films in which his female partners are almost tied with him. Unlike his private life.

cruise-diazTom Cruise was married three times . In 1987 with Mimi Rogers in 1990 with Nicole Kidman and 2006 with Katie Holmes . Each time, the separations were brutal, with children at the heart of debates and especially the Church of Scientology in the background . And each time, Tom Cruise image came out a little more blurred than it was before.

Paradoxically, on the screens, the actor has managed to preserve , choosing good scripts and strong characters (although all very similar). It has especially developed a nice altruism towards their female partners. It shares always displays an actress rather pretty, but that is not content with a role of tenure. women often compete with Tom Cruise , share the scenes and battles, and come out whenever magnified. Of course, this is never done at the expense of the Hollywood star, but in recent years, the actor knows to be generous and give pride to the women on the big screen.

Since Cameron Diaz in Knight and day until Cobie Smulders , this week in Jack Reacher Never Go Back , discover what actresses were fortunate to cross paths with Tom Cruise on the screen.