Tom Ford refuses to dress Melania Trump

Entertainment 2 December, 2016

Considered one of the greatest fashion designers in the world, Tom Ford yesterday announced he would not dress the next first lady of the United States, Melania Trump.

tom-fordIf Tom Ford was dead, he sommeillerait in the pantheon of American designers. Fortunately for him, the former Gucci and Yves-Saint-Laurent is thriving. Guest this week on the show The View on the channel ABC , the designer was asked if he was ready to dress Melania Trump, future first lady of the United States . Without blinking, he replied: ” I was asked to dress there is already a few years and I said no. It does not necessarily represent the image that I want to give my mark . ” In sum, Melania Trump can go elsewhere if it has to be dressed by a famous local designer. To justify its choice, the designer specifies that the policy does not comes in. Democrats said he ensures that he would not want to dress Hillary Clinton if they win this last election. ” I’m not saying this in a bad way but I think, for people to identify with you, you do not have to wear expensive clothes too .” So why have agreed to draw a dress Michelle Obama during the presidency of her husband Barack? For it was on the occasion of his meeting with the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace. ” I found this appropriate opportunity “, concludes soberly creator.
If the declaration of Tom Ford may seem of little consequence, it is important to remember that the attire of a first lady can mean a lot. Take the example of the dress worn by Michelle Obama on November 10, during his meeting at the White House with Melania Trump . Simple, colorful blue and orange, holding Narciso Rodriguez signed a priori seemed quite normal. Yet it was a strong message from the First Lady to the next tenant of the White House and their vision of immigration. Narciso Rodriguez is in fact the son of Cuban immigrants came to the United States in the hope of finding a better life. Through its success, the designer is the epitome of the success of the American dream and the positive role of immigration in the country. While some ladies first outfits and contain a political message, others have just made history. Remember the Chanel suit pink Jackie Kennedy … And if the gesture of Tom Ford had more political depth than it seems at first sight?