Tom Jones : his hidden son, SDF, called to the rescue Gala

Entertainment 17 January, 2018


He might weigh close to 200 million euros, the interpreter of the Sex Bomb would he have a heart of stone ? Born from an extra marital relationship, his son Jonathan, 29 years, currently at the street, dreams only of one thing : to finally meet his progenitor, Tom Jones, conspicuously absent since his birth…

This sad story made the cover of the tabloids in English. How one of the singers with the richest and most popular of Great Britain can do a lot of hardness ? Flash back : on tour in 1987, the pop star, then aged 47 years, crosses in a nightclub a young model of 24 years old, Katherine Berkery. Their love story lasts three days time. Three months after the clap of end, the lady warns the singer of her pregnancy. Which meets that trapped, it will not recognize the baby and that he will refuse any contact with the kid. In 2008, after tests in paternity, Tom Jones is seen condemned by the justice to pay to the mother of the child 1900 € per month until the age of 18 Jonathan. Suffice to say a straw in view of his colossal fortune. This is what was done. But since its majority, no money !

“I never received any phone call, any letter, check, or gift of Christmas” explains the Daily Mail, Jonathan, a musician in the galley, housed currently in a HOMELESS shelter in New York. “I don’t want that it gives me a boost in my career… I just want to meet him before it is too late, to talk with him about everything and anything. “A 77-year-old, now a widower, this unfaithful husband, who has long boasted of sleeping with 250 women a year, is always under the limelight : taking away from his retirement, Tom Jones worked as a member of the jury of The Voice british. To the pressing appeals of the son prior to Christmas, its the heart of the father has not vibrated. Yet another missed appointment, all the more cruel, for Jonathan, and in the music program, his father reaches out to young talent like him…

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Tom Jones

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