Tomer Sisley (Largo Winch) fell in love with Sandra de Matteis, 17 years after their romance

Entertainment 8 December, 2016

Tonight at 20:50 on TMC , Tomer Sisley will be on view from Largo Winch 2 . 8 months, the actor lives a passionate affair with columnist C8 Sandra de Matteis. A great story as the two lovebirds had lived a romance in 1999 before breaking up and getting back together 17 years later …

“God you’re beautiful !!! I love you! I have so much love for you I will breathe. “
Last weekend on Instagram, Tomer Sisley made a nice statement to his girlfriend Sandra Matteis on Instagram. Since their paths crossed again at the last Cannes Film Festival (Sandra had its ephemeral space, after Sandra & Co), the two lovers will leave more.
Like 17 years ago where it was love at first sight when they first met. At that time (in 1999), the actor was 25 years old and the pro PR was 26 years old. The couple will stay a year together before separating. Since May 2016, the flashback turns fairytale. Having moved in together last month, the actor and his favorite columnist (Sandra officiates every night at 18:10 on C8 in He thinks what Camille ) decided to marry. “Madame Largo Winch” as it is already known on C8, revealed herself happy live information on the air. ” I’ve been asked twice in marriage, I said yes twice,” said she confié.J’ai been married once and there I was again asked in marriage. I said yes!”.
On their social networks, the bride and groom appear to be on their little cloud.
We can especially see their beautiful blended family (Tomer is father of two children, 5 and Levin Liv Shaya 8 years while Sandra is the proud mother of a little dino 8 years) means well . 2017 promises to be auspiciously with as highlight a marri