Too low a diet during pregnancy is bad for baby’s heart

Health 10 November, 2016

une-alimentation-trop-faible-pendant-la-grossesse-est-mauvaise-pour-le-coeur-de-bebe_parental_actu_medim_carreResearchers have discovered that a restricted diet during pregnancy can affect the rate of aging of the fetal heart later in life. It will be more exposed to heart problems and chronic diseases.
During pregnancy, the diet of the mother is a major concern. A woman who does not eat enough during this period is subject indeed to health risks, but these risks also relate to her developing child. Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center have provided new information on the subject, and their research shows that a child of a mother is undernourished more likely to suffer from premature aging of the heart.
In reaching this conclusion, the researchers chose to study the heart of the baboon, the pace of development and aging are close to that of humans. They used MRI to study the heart of male and female baboons whose mothers ate 30% less than the normally fed baboons. They found that the offspring of female baboons who ate less showed with age of cardiac function reduction signs .
A higher risk of diabetes and hypertension
Every five years, the equivalent of twenty human years baboon, structure and heart function deteriorated. The heart problem could contribute to decreased quality of life, ability to exercise and increased susceptibility to other chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. “The company should pay attention to improving the health of women before and during pregnancy to prevent these adverse effects in infants, “the researchers conclude.
In this regard, the Ministry of Health said that the needs of a pregnant woman can be normally covered by a nearby supply of the National Health and Nutrition Programme marks (PNNS). But as we can never be sure that this power is fully respected, he recommended to healthcare professionals to prescribe some drug supplements: folic acid (vitamin B9) before and during early pregnancy, and vitamin D if woman should give birth in the spring.