Top 10 Disney Scrapes

Cinema 25 May, 2017

You can hate them and treat them with every name every time a Disney is remade, but if they were not there, nothing would be the same.
No history without heroes. But above all, no story without a disruptive element . This is the universal recipe to build a trick that holds the road. And at Disney, the disruptive element is more often in character than in situation . The nemesis of our Disney heroes appear as fearsome opponents, at the height of the Simba, Tarzan or other Little Mermaid. So today, it’s up to them to pay tribute. Back to 10 Disney villains we love to hate!
Scar, The Lion King – The Iznogoud of the Savannah . Ready to do everything to become the king. Without pressure he de-broke his brother Mufasa and chased Simba, his nephew. Besides, the guy hangs around with hyenas. There is no more detestable. Luckily he gets his mane well at the end, because if not then we would all have pissed in our VCRs .
Hades, Hercules – The god of the underworld . He’s a big rage. He has the seum because Zeus sent him to the Underworld. As a result, he wants the world to sink into chaos. Except that Hercules is the only one able to prevent it. So, this big broken dog makes Hercules lethal, by having him tact a potion. Finally, he gets a good repassing by Zeus and returns to coal in the flames of Hell.
Cruella, The 101 Dalmatians – The unpreferred character of Brigitte Bardot and PETA . She wants to pick all the poochs to recover their skin. In the end, it is not clear if it is underproduced, if it is perfused to the Eristoff or if it has just the brain mounted upside down.
Jafar, Aladdin – Malveillant – The one who wanted to pater the girl of Aladdin made us freak. With his goatee and his large black and red dress, one had only one desire, that he would be eaten by the tiger of Jasmine.
The Queen of Heart, Alice in Wonderland – The equivalent of a small German mustache, but a woman . Evil and tyrannical, she becomes angry for everything and anything. If you do itch, the Queen of Heart orders her army of Playing Cards to cut off your head. With her fragile husband, they form a duet that deserves pairs of slaps.
Clayton, Tarzan – The rot . Come into the jungle to capture the gorillas, he’s ready to do anything to cage them. Tired like his feet, he does not respect animals and always walks calibrated. Big fragile .
Gaston, Beauty and the Beast – The Michael Vendetta of Disney . Egocentric and pretentious, thanks to his extremely limited intellectual capacities, it is more a funny than a real villain. Though, in the end it becomes a pretty bastard. Vexed to be repacked by Belle, it ends in baston with the Beast!
Ursula, The Little Mermaid – Mid-woman mid-octopus . The witch is a real manipulator. She has Ariel carrot to catch Eric, his guy. Fortunately, it did not work, but Ursula still managed to get impaled. But not as she wanted. It ends on the broken prow of Eric’s ship, and ends up dying in the biggest calm .
Professor Callaghan / Yokai, The New Heroes – General surprise when you learn that Professor Callaghan is actually Yokai. He did not hesitate to sacrifice Hiro’s brother and pretend to be dead, setting fire to the university. The guy is guided by hatred , and is willing to do anything to avenge the death of his daughter and butter Krei, and all that he has undertaken.
Lady Trémaine, Cendrillon – Cinderella ‘s mother-in-law is a real **** . Evil at will, she has only one goal, to make her daughters shine, even if it means making Cinderella a real less-than-nothing. At the edge of the narcissistic perverse , it would clearly deserve a brush as a traitor.