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Entertainment 31 January, 2018

Top Chef

The return of Top Chef does definitely not pleased everyone. For the parisian chef Bruno Verjuice, the contest signed M6 gives a false image of glamour in the profession of a cook.

Already nine seasons that the show Top Chef is salivating viewers of M6. Since several years, the show is a great success, and attracts chefs from all over France – and Belgium – eager to win the supreme title. As soon as this Wednesday, 31 January, new candidates will compete to take the result of Jeremiah Izarn, Xavier Pincemin, or Xavier Koenig, the winners of the previous editions.

But the popularity of the cooking contest, however, is not to the taste of everyone. In the columns of Liberation, the chef Bruno Verjuice, the owner of the restaurant to a Table in the Twelfth arrondissement of Paris, has heavily criticized the show, citing in particular the ” creating stars of (his) business “. According to him, this type of show gives a bad image of the profession of chef. “We appeal to the instincts the most basic : the show, the competition, the blood, the tears “, he says.

For him, it is obvious : “Top chef gives a false image of chefs and their cuisine “. Worse : the show can make it seem to young people that it is easy to ” create great dishes and open his restaurant “. Each year, the program welcomes great chefs, and Bruno Verjuice has himself been contacted by M6 to participate. A proposal that he refused : “What would be the point of playing the alibis between two pubs for Danette or Mcdonalds ? Because, in this confusion of genres, the main winners are neither the cooks nor the viewers, but the “majors” of the agri-food industry, who fund the issuance by commercials “. Not lend themselves to this game.

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