Toulouse : a doctor allegedly swindled 420 000 euros to the Safely

Health 15 July, 2017


Published the 15.07.2017 at 08h54


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420 000 euros in three years. It is a round sum that would have set aside a doctor from toulouse, 45 years of age, on the back of social Security. But the scam has not gone unnoticed. The Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie (CPAM) has spotted an irregularity in the number of patients received per day, she reported to the public prosecutor of Toulouse (Haute-Garonne).

The doctor is now in police custody. It must be said that the gp was not given in the subtlety. According to the CPAM of the department, he said he was up to 115 visits per day. Preferably at night, of course, to round a little more the end of the month. And obviously, the scam is lucrative !

The Speedy Gonzales of the medicine

Unfortunately for the small time crook, the alert system of the CPAM has worked. She has spotted this particularly large number of consultations. While a visit to their general practitioner on average takes more than 15 minutes, on the side of the doctor from toulouse, it took two times less time, not more than 7 minutes. Half of the appointments were folded in less than 5 minutes. In 15 % of cases, it was even less than a minute.

By chance, for the health of his patients, most of these consultations have never taken place. In order to carry out his scam, the doctor used his beneficiaries of the universal health Coverage (CMU). Some would have formally consulted more than 100 times in three years, while they did not see their practitioner every 2 months. In the absence of their Vital card, he took advantage of a system gradient of transmission, which requires only the knowledge of certain data, and not the map itself.

Scam worse

If the scam could have gone unnoticed, the doctor has not done in the lace ; it was pushing the boat out a little too far. The Brigade of repression of the delinquency clever (BRDA), specializing in large scams, has been captured. In particular, in connection with the College of physicians, it has conducted a survey in heritage, and revealed the pot-aux-roses.

The doctor was finally arrested on Tuesday, in the company of his assistant, to ” scam on the rise, the use of forgeries and aiding and abetting the use of forgeries “. The secretary was heard, and then released, unlike his employer, who should be referred to the tribunal on 13 July. Goods were also seized, including his house, estimated at 400,000 euros.

Scammers by grass would be tempted to imitate him, now know that they are not a simple cancellation of the Order of physicians.