Toy Story, Cars, Nemo … All Pixars are online!

Cinema 19 January, 2017

You think you’ve never seen Nemo outside his ocean or his jars? That Jessie of Toy Story never left his cartoon?
You are wrong…
It will become our favorite game! While we recently dévoilions the easter Eggs Disney / Pixar in Vaiana Legend of the End of the World , today we share a video with you magic! Yes, Sven the Snow Queen is not the only one who invited other adventures, and now we know all the characters who have typed the encrusted in others, and there are many! Of course we had noticed some, but others blend so well into the setting that even expert eyes had to go through it twice before being certain of what they saw.
As you can see in the video above, Jessie made a turn in the chamber Boo in Monsters, Inc. , as Nemo. Sully meanwhile, went to Medina in Cuckoo Rebel and Riley, the granddaughter of Vice Versa , she was at the aquarium in The World of Dory . We already knew that Pixar loved making references to his films everywhere, but this video shows that they are the best in this area! While the Cars trailer 3 was recently unveiled, we wonder what Pixar characters will make an appearance!