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Entertainment 15 August, 2017


The reentry approach to Key not at my post. And this year, it holds many surprises. The show has been turned upside down by the numerous departures of chroniclers, and the controversies on repeat. Not sure that the fanzouzes recognize their show fetish, with all new heads, and new appointments announced by C8 on Monday.

Any team not Touch with my job is actively preparing the start of the year. The entire team, or rather the new team, sincea good part of the chroniclers that are emblematic of the show has decided to leave the band Cyril Hanouna. In a press release, the chain C8 has announced the return of its flagship programme from 4 September next.


A text that confirms the absence of Matthew Delormeau, Enora Malagré, Capucine Anav, Caroline Ithurbide, Cauet and Thierry Moreau. All of these departures smashing, announced between the month of may and the month of June last, have dealt a hard blow to the image of the show, in the same way that the controversy of the hoax homophobic.


C8 is now seeking to burnish the image of the TPMP, and, therefore, with enthusiasm for its new formula ” enriched content. On the menu : a zapping daily presented by Guillaume Genton (Europe 1), the “block-note “of the young Louis Morin (Canal +), and a musical entertainment provided by DJ Kelly Vedovelli, a ravishing blonde who embodies the “Bella ” of Maître Gims in its clip. A touch of humor additional will also be introduced by 3 joker professional : Tom Villa, who will produce a fiction daily, Greg Guillotin, who will turn up hidden cameras, and Hakim Jemili, which will be in contact with the public.


Finally, to add a dose of legitimacy to the show,Cyril Hanouna has recruited new columnists, famous and respected : the former presenter of JT Rachid Arhab, journalist Renaud Revel, the writer Rokhaya Diallo, but also Dominique Farrugia, the comedian Titoff or even Pierre Menes. On Twitter, the announcement of C8 has triggered a wave of enthusiastic commentary. The fanzouzes have multiplied the testimonies of impatience, explaining bored stiff during the summer, when their “Baba” is more to the antenna.

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