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Entertainment 23 August, 2017


Affected by a number of polemics at the end of last season, TPMP has seen some of its columnists abandon the issuance of the one day to the next. Some of them would be already ready to go back to work for Cyril Hanouna are to believe Benjamin Castaldi.

The few deserters have made their decision in a hurry? Last season, while TPMP was nearing its end and that the issuance of Cyril Hanouna was marked closely by the CSA, some of its main columnists have abandoned the ship without notice. Thus, in turn, Thierry Moreau, Enora Malagré, Capucine Anav, Mathieu Delormeau, Danielle Moreau and Estelle Denis have made their farewell final to their colleagues. However, a few months later, several of them would be ready to resume service on the board of C8. It is in any case what has assured Benjamin Castaldi, Wednesday morning, at the microphone of the Largest direct media on Europe 1.

What are their choices, these are people that I appreciate. I’ve had Cyril this morning on the phone, he told me that some of the starters already want to go back, assured the ex-leader of the Loft without, however, cite any name. Apart from Thierry Moreau, visibly very happy with his new job in the morning of Clélie Mathias and Roman Desarbres on CNEWS and Estelle Denis, much more in his element in the project that it is currently developing with the Team, no one knows exactly who Benjamin Castaldi reference. As to the reasons for this turnaround, they may be multiple. Perhaps it is not as easy as expected to renew or find a post interesting on tv. Perhaps some of the runners have they simply been amazed by the quality of new columnists have been announced by Cyril Hanouna for the new school year. One thing is for sure, the idea of from when the show was in the wing was not the most judicious. Remains to know, now, if Cyril Hanouna will accept the return of his former comrades, or if he will have the tooth hard against them.

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