Transformers 5: Bumblebee VS Optimus Prime in the latest trailer unveiled at the Super Bowl

Cinema 6 February, 2017

Optimus Prime is back and it is definitely not the side of the nice in the new trailer unveiled at the Super Bowl 2017.
What happened to Optimus Prime? In the first trailer , the leader of the Autobots seemed suddenly gone to the dark side, ready to fight against our adorable Bumblebee. Fortunately, it will not be necessary to wait until the release of the film on June 21st to know the reasons. New images were indeed unveiled this night on the occasion of the 2017 Super Bowl, giving us a semblance of response. So, as promised at the end of last Transformers , Optimus Prime is gone in search of its creators. But it may not have been such a good idea since it obviously changed. Evidenced by his eyes that suddenly change from blue to purple, a sign of submission to his mysterious “creator” . Problem: At the same time, a war broke out between the humans and the Autobots, depicted as enemies on propaganda posters. And this time, Optimus Prime is apparently not there back to save humans.
This new trailer shows us a bit more about the battle between Optimus Prime and BumbleBee, and it promises to be dantesque. Even if we can not help wondering what happens to BumbleBee, that is, let’s say it, our favorite character in the saga. Let’s hope he’s alive! It also allows us to discover for the first time the character of Anthony Hopkins , an English Lord and stealthily Baby Dinobots ! The rest of the images they support us in that Transformers 5: The Last Knight seeks to stronger than its predecessors. On the program: world plunged into chaos, explosions-for-all and spectacular fights . In other words: it will send heavy. And you, what did you think of it?