Transformers 5 – The Last Knight: Mark Wahlberg and the Autobots ready to fight on the first official photos

Cinema 3 May, 2017

Because we know that you are too excited to discover Transformers 5: The Last Knight in the movies, we share with you the first official photos of the film.
On June 28th, the Transformers saga will be back with Transformers 5: The Last Knight and all the ingredients that have made the success of the franchise so far: explosions in abundance, scenes of mass destruction, battles between Autobots and Decepticons, Giant ships, heroes and badass girls! But this fifth component will also be very different and that is why we expect it as much. Yes, while in Transformers 4, Cade Yeager (Mark Walhberg) could rely on Optimus Prime, the latter is this time the cause of all his worries. The leader of the Autobots has indeed gone over to the dark side of the Force and decided to declare war on Earth, as we saw in the final trailer of Transformers 5: The Last Knight . Fortunately, Cade could still count on Bumblebee, as well as a British Lord named Sir Edmund Burton, played by Anthony Hopkins , and an Oxford professor (Laura Haddock). And he will clearly need it because this war promises to be destructive! But we do not worry too much about Cade Yeager. One only has to see it in full action on the first official photos of the film to see that the hero is him.
The second official photo of Transformers 5: The Last Knight highlights a new ally for the Autobots. We have already seen this last in a first excerpt with Izabella (Isabela Moner) , a girl with a strong character and courage to resell. In this excerpt, Izabella and a group of children flee what looks like a drone, in the streets of Chicago. The band then finds refuge under a heap of rubble which actually turns out to be … an Autobot stayed there since the end of the war and which ended up blending into the scenery ! So far we have not heard too much about it, this Autobot whose name we do not know intrigues us. It is not yet clear what will be his role in this new war, but one thing is certain, This Autobot will be there to protect Izabella, Cade and Company and surely fight against Optimus Prime, alongside Bumblebee, other Autobots and Dinobots. And you what do you think ?