Transformers 5 – The Last Knight: The ultimate trailer, the war between the two worlds is declared!

Cinema 17 May, 2017

The final trailer of Transformers The Last Knight has just been unveiled, discover it.
To save the future, we must return to the past! The ultimate trailer of Transformers The Last Knight has just been unveiled by Paramount and we’re pretty happy with the result. Michael Bay is still in charge and offers us a film with all the ingredients of a successful blockbuster: action, humor and a rather cool casting! Mark Wahlberg is back and he is joining forces with an English lord played by Anthony Hopkins and a professor at Oxford University played by Laura Haddock to prevent our world from disappearing under the Transformers attack. To better fight our enemies, all will have to plunge back into the past and discover the first steps of machines on Earth.
As you have seen in the various trailers, the latter have been there for a short time and our victory is far from assured. If the Transformers franchise has existed for a while already, this new section offers us a new angle with new characters, but also expected returns like that of Josh Duhamel in Transformers The Last Knight . We look forward ! What do you think of this new trailer?