Transformers, The Last Knight: The Last for Michael Bay?

Cinema 10 February, 2017

Like every time, Michael Bay assures us that this Transformers 5: The Last Knight will mark his last participation in the franchise. But this time, he seems really decided.
Imagine Transformers the movie without Michael Bay is like thinking about his Alain Afflelou no, that’s impossible. Just because the director has literally carried the franchise since the release of the first film in 2007, conceptualizing and staging all the opus until today. And Transformers 5: The Last Knight, which was revealed a little more during the Super Bowl thanks to a trailer full of action, is no exception. In short, we can say that Michael Bay is the father of the license, the one without which this one could never take off and attract so many people in the dark rooms. But all this could well change! Because the director obviously intends to hang up after the release of this Transformers 5 to leave room for other directors . There, you say to yourself: ” He makes us the same blow every time .” And it is true that Michael Bay has, with each new opus, declared that it would not do more others. Except that there, his decision seems definitely final!
On his website, Michael Bay posted this message, which says a lot about his new resolution. He writes, ” It’s very bitter for me.” In every Transformers movie, I said it would be the last, I see the 120 million fans around the world going to see these movies, the huge tails In the theme parks and all the children of the Make-A-Wish foundation who come to visit our shooting locations, and every time I want to come back, I love making these films. Fun to shoot, but this time it may be really over. ” This is a decision which seems to be quite definitive. Of course, we are not immune to a turnaround, Michael Bay often changing his mind about it. For all that, the meltynauts, rest assured! It is not because the director leaves the ship that the franchise does not have a bright future ahead of him , as Paramount intends to extend the universe. We know already that Transformers 5: The Last Knight should teaser the next spin-off to come. It remains to be seen therefore if Michael Bay will leave his place to someone else and, in this case, who can then replace it. Wait and see , as they say! Do you think Michael Bay will hold his resolution?