Treat resistant hypertension without drugs

Health 18 December, 2017


Published the 18.12.2017 at 16h04


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The ” baroreflex “, it is a reflex triggered upon stimulation of receptors at the blood pressure in the arteries, ” baroreceptor “. These are located in the sinus carotid and the sinus of the aorta. These receptors are sensitive to stretching of the blood vessels and are activated when the blood pressure changes.
It is this stimulation, thanks to the establishment of a kind of pace-maker that attempted researchers, in a study published in the journal The Lancet. According to them, this stimulation could reduce blood pressure, particularly in patients with arterial hypertension resistant to all drug treatments.

An effective method

Thirty patients, as many men as women, poorly balanced under treatment for their HYPERTENSION have received the implantation of the device to stimulate the baroreflex. Aged on average 52 years old, they were all at least four different medications for treating with little success, their high blood pressure.
The average blood pressure measured at the doctor’s office was 184/109 mm Hg (18/14) at the beginning of the trial, and the stimulation of baroreflex allows to obtain a reduction of 24/12 mm Hg at 6 months (p=0.0003 for the decrease in the systolic blood pressure and p=0.0001 for the decrease in the diastolic blood pressure.
The blood pressure measurement ambulatory (ABPM over 24 hours) at inclusion was 155/100 mm Hg (17/14) and the stimulation of baroreflex allows to obtain a reduction of 21/12 mm Hg at 6 months (p<0.0001 for the decrease of pressure arterial systolic and diastolic)/

Some side effects

Four people have had adverse effects at the end of six months. Both have suffered from low blood pressure, saw his high blood pressure worse, a has been the victim of intermittent claudication and another saw his wound become infected.
According to doctors, the introduction of baroreceptors has helped to significantly lower the blood pressure of patients who have agreed to submit to the device. However, in view of the adverse effects which have been subjected to certain patients, additional trials are needed to investigate the use of this treatment.