Treated anorexic, Victoria Beckham’s attack on a pizzeria in justice Gala

Entertainment 10 August, 2017


Regarded as an anorexic in a commercial for pizza, and Victoria Beckham responded by attacking the restaurant justice. The pizzeria boasted the extreme fineness of its paste, while caricaturing the appearance of the old Spice Girls… A joke in bad taste that she has not digested.

The joke is not passed. Victoria Beckham has decided to pursue a teaching restorative justice. On one of their advertising posters, the restaurant Sidhu’s, Newcastle, has compared the fineness of the dough of the pizza, to the body of the old Spice Girls. Try our new pizza Victoria Beckham, Fine and Crisp, with the texture of 2mm thickness only !could I read it on the poster. Next to the photo of the famous pizza, a caricature represented the wife of former footballer David Beckham to be of extreme thinness, wearing a scarf stamped ” fashion Icon anorexic “.


The spokesperson for Victoria Bekham, indignant, said : “It is completely inappropriate to trivialise such a disorder of behavior, and on the other hand it is simply of libel against a public person, this caused a lot of harm to his reputation. Unfortunately for them, this is now the law.The thinness of the star columbia is regularly the subject of comments and criticism. But this time, Victoria did not want to laugh.


The advertising has also been pinned by the associations of fight against anorexia. Marg Oaten, the representative of one of these organizations in Great Britain felt that it was shameful to make fun of a disease so dangerous in a commercial for pizza. As the manager of the restaurant, Soni Sidhu, he quickly apologized, explaining that he did not want to offend anyone, and that he simply wanted to make people smile. If anyone had told us that he found the poster offensive, we have of course removed immediately !,- t-he, however, explained, arguing that it adorned the back of its vans for almost three years. A bit provocative, he added : If justice obliges us, today, in 2017, in Great Britain, to remove this poster, it will be a sad day for freedom of expression.


Seen this on my way to work. Think Victoria Beckham might be a bit insulted

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