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Entertainment 15 January, 2018

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This Sunday, January 14, Eliza Dushku told on social networks for the ordeal that she underwent in 1993, on the set of the film True Lies, directed by James Cameron. The young actress revealed that she was raped by Joel Kramer ” one of the main coordinators of the cascades of Hollywood “.

On his account Facebook, Eliza Dushku has decided to tell in detail the rape of which she was the victim in 1993, on the set of the film True Lies. The young actress explained how Joel Kramer, “one of the main coordinators of the cascades of Hollywood” had drawn in his hotel room in Miami. It also tells how that night, he removed his clothes and rubbed against it until the orgasm.” He was 26 years old, I was twelve. Why has no one found his predator behaviour strange ? He spoke of me as ‘the girl who urged him to end up in jail’. After all this time, I wonder how my life would have been different if an adult had intervened when he brought me in this room ” questioned Eliza Dushku, deeply shocked by this tragedy.

The actress 37-year-old later explained why she had chosen to confide so long after the fact. “I had been told that he had left the business since. Recently, I learned that he was still working at the top of this industry, “before adding :” I’ve found on the Internet a photo where he is holding a little girl in his arms. This image has haunted me since. I can’t be silent about what happened to me “. The movement #Metoo and the victims of sexual abuse who have recently decided to denounce their aggressors would have also given courage to the young woman.” It was exhausting to contain all of this inside of me for all these years, ” said relieved, Eliza Dushku.

For his part, Joel Kramer has denied these accusations. The film’s director, James Cameron, has paid tribute to the courage of the actress, while regretting : “If I had been aware at the time, I would have had no mercy. I have girls. There would be no mercy today either. “Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, the mother of Eliza Dushku in the movie True Lies, said that he had been aware of the drama a few years ago. “I was shocked and saddened, I am still” revealed the american actress, 59 years of age.

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