Turning a film is not always a sinecure

Cinema 28 March, 2017

You have to be honest and recognize that it sometimes takes catastrophic turns, that it is painful for everyone. A galley, what.
At the time, some of my comrades would have shouted: “PLE, PLE”. A simple acronym meaning: dodge plan. That is to say, it was better not to participate in the sombre project that presented itself. At random, a mathematics course. Or an evening can be.
To see for those who want to appreciate the beautiful Brad Pitt in skirt and yelling “Yeah, there is immortality waiting for us” with much less charisma than Gerald Butler in “300”. Finally, I say that … In short, to come to the fact, just before they turn the scene before the fort, this one was blown by a bastard hurricane . Vener, they had to rebuild everything. Then, it was the security guards on the board who were stealing tricks to round off the end of the month. Letting it be understood that the salary was too low and that it was necessary to find combinations.
Blade Runner
Based on the book “Do androids dream electronic sheep” by Philip K. Dick, the film had to wait a long time before possessing a square and clear scenario. A pack of writers and directors tackled it and broke their teeth, before Ridley Scott began filming. End of the galleys? Nope! The English filmmaker was constantly hammering with Harrison Ford, as well as with the film crews in general . So much so that these had printed t-shirts with the inscription: “Yes Governor my ass …”
The Conqueror
Well then we put it because it sticks to the theme but it is much less fun. For the moment, a little restraint … Bringing the story of Genghis Khan to the screen, the film was filmed near a nuclear test site . Under the advice of the government, like “go there guys, you are told that there is no galley!” Noone, so much so that 91 members developed a cancer thereafter, including 46 deaths … In the first row of which the director, the main actress and John Wayne himself. And you are spared other bad things.
Fantastic Four
Crash in full flight for director Josh Trank. The guy proudly announced that he was going to kill the game with phrases like “My movie will be better than 99% of the superhero movies . ” Except that the 20th Century Fox did not validate all his delusions, that he had to change and do a lot of tricks. So he was venerated. And some actors were then a little busy to return scenes, a big galley. In the end, Josh complained, still on Twitter, that the film released was much worse than it should have been . So hop, Star Wars project that passes under his nose and killed career.
The Shining
It was notorious that turning with Stanley Kubrick proved to be painful. Finally, under his orders, rather. Obsessive, unlimited, he always asked his actors more. Finally, demanded. Thus, every day, he changed the scenes, modified them, adapted them. And above all, it multiplied the catch! The scene where Wendy retreats down the stairs of the hall, with baseball bat in hand, would have been shot after 127 takes . The two main actors (including Jack Nicholson, the drunken drunk husband) were certifying that this was their toughest part of their career. And Shelly Duvall / Wendy suffered hair loss on the plateau due to stress.
Stevie had an idea and he did not let go. His intrigue was in the water. It took a lot. Yeah, a lot. Genus 10 million galleons, in all. And not to dip, to the cool. People worked more than 70h / week to shoot the film. Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio have also cracked nervously, tired . A nervous breakdown, as they say. Ed Harris was so marked that he refused years of talking about the film for years. In traumatized mode, bad memory. Frankly, sometimes there’s way to crack anyway?