Two alleged victims of Jeremstar out of the silence and accuse the Gala

Entertainment 26 January, 2018


Jeremstar remains in turmoil. In Public, two young men testify to the conduct of the evenings of Pascal Cardonna, during which minors were allegedly abused. The chronicler of C8 there would have been a regular presence.

“I am categorical : today these evenings continue “. In Public, two young men demonstrate in the context of the case Jeremstar/Pascal Cardonna. Both claim to have attended a number of evenings during which the friend of the chronicler hosted at home of minors, in order to sleep with them. “The ritual was immutable, describes one of the two people interviewed by Public. Drugs and alcohol flowed freely. Most of the guests – very often minor ended up drunk and slept on the spot. Pascal was always with a boy, between 14 and 17 years old up in his bed.

Pascal Cardonna was he aware that the guests who surrounded it, were minor ? “For me yes, responds one of the young men. He said he was attracted to young men under the age of 18 years. He was joking in our presence as if it was something normal. “And Jeremstar was aware, contrary to what he says today ? “He was often present at these evenings. He could not ignore the distortions of his friend and knew that Pascal instrumentalisait to attract young boys and then abuse them. “Justice has not yet ruled on the case.

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