Two clans in the Hallyday ? The friend Jean-Claude Darmon reacts to the words of Sylvie Vartan and Gala

Entertainment 11 December, 2017

Johnny Hallyday

Johnny Hallyday was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, but this decision does not please everyone. Starting with his ex-wife, Sylvie Vartan. Angered by the words of the singer, the friend of the rocker, Jean-Claude Darmon, took the floor.

Jean-Claude Darmon has always been a part of the loved ones of Johnny Hallyday and his wife Laeticia. He is willing to do anything to defend the rocker and his decisions, even when these are not unanimous. The interpreter That I love you, in effect, has made the choice to be buried in St. Bartholomew’s, on Monday, 11 December. His fans are offended by this decision, as well as some of her relatives, led by Sylvie Vartan. The ex-wife of the deceased regrets that it is put in the ground ” so far from those who love him “.

This statement is not at all to the taste of the friend of Johnny, who spoke on RTL, some time after the burial. He explained that the singer had given much thought before choosing this place : “He had chosen since 2009. When we were in St Barth, systematically passing in front of the cemetery, he said ‘This is where I want to be buried’. It was a sentence like that, but it is true that it was his will. ”

Also, the statements of Sylvie Vartan have had the gift of putting Jean-Claude Darmon in anger : “It is sad that she has been able to score, it is even indecent. Because the will of Johnny is still Johnny, and precisely if he wanted to come to St Barth, it is to have this kind of loneliness of which he had, perhaps, need to because his entire life has been a tumult, and perhaps, it was a necessity for him to feel like it’s a little bit isolated in the manner of Jacques Brel. ”

The remark of the ex-wife of Johnny Hallyday, and the mother of his son, David Hallyday, has been very commented. Some people do not hesitate to point the finger at “the two clans ” within the clan Hallyday, who seemed so united to the funeral. But the question for the business man to say anything about it. It is crisp and clear : “I will not answer this question. “This December 11, Johnny Hallyday joined his abode for eternity in the cemetery of St Barth. It is here, on this island paradise that the singer had chosen to rest.

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