Two years after the end of All together, Marc-Emmanuel returns to the tv – Gala

Entertainment 25 August, 2017


Marc-Emmanuel Dufour had known the successes and the setbacks with All of them together. Two years after the end of the show, the presenter comes back into the team Arthur, for The Dream Company.

He returned through the front door. In 2015, Marc-Emmanuel had ousted All together, a program that provided assistance to families in need through the support of artisans and volunteers at the heart of ordinary citizens. The facilitator had to face a wave of controversies and even the virulent accusations from a former participant. This Friday, the 25th August, it is a day of renaissance media for the facilitator who has been chosen by Arthur to be part of the team of The Dream Company.

Alongside his bandmates, Marc-Emmanuel will try to fulfill the dreams of eight French anonymous. In addition to the ex-host of All together, Arthur made a call to Valerie Damidot, Issa Doumbia, Chris Marks, Jarry, Claudia Tagbo and Bruno Guillon. A band of experts who will do everything to make possible the wishes of the participants. A concept that is not without reminding us of the pioneering program of Marc-Emmanuel and that will allow him to prove to all that the critics are behind him.

Marc-Emmanuel had met Arthur through his association self-help for young people, The Army of Angels. ” I said to myself : this guy, this is a real mess. This is not normal for people to see more on the screen. It has been said unmanageable. It is just the opposite “ has entrusted Arthur to Paris. The current is visibly passed between the two men, and a second chance is being born.


Arthur,Valerie Damidot

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