Tyler Posey and Bella Thorne reunited for Valentine’s Day?

Entertainment 9 February, 2017

If Bella Thorne is currently single, she might well spend Valentine’s Day with one of her ex. But which one? Tyler Posey or Gregg Sulkin?
The sentimental life of Bella Thorne is somewhat difficult to follow! For two years, the actress has been in a relationship with Gregg Sulkin but shortly after their breakup, the girl soon found love in the arms of actor Teen Wolf, Tyler Posey . But only a few months later she showed herself hand in hand with Charlie Puth while she was still in a couple with Scott McCall’s interpreter. More recently, Bella Thorne was displayed with a new guy . Are they in a couple? Mystery! One thing is for sure, the actress has confessed not yet having plans for Valentine’s Day. However, it is not too late to have a date on 14 February. Bella Thorne would have remained very close to two of her ex-boyfriends and might well consider spending Valentine’s Day with one of them.
Is Bella Thorne trying to reconquer Tyler Posey? Despite their breakup, the girl thinks well of the actor of Teen Wolf. “Tyler is an angel .” She confessed recently on Twitter . However, Bella Thorne also closer to another of his former, Gregg Sulkin. If the actress confirmed that she was friends with former boyfriends include Gregg Sulkin, fans of the couple Thorkin believe they got back together . Bella Thorne congratulated her ex on learning that the latter had landed the role of Chase Stein in the new series Marvel of Hulu. But does this really mean that the couple is back? Not sure ! It will be necessary to wait for confirmation from the two main stakeholders. And in your opinion, will Belle Thorne spend Valentine’s Day with one of her ex boyfriends?