Tyler Posey and Cody Christian (Teen Wolf): Private videos are leaking, fans angry!

Entertainment 16 January, 2017

Wrong period for the two actors of Teen Wolf who face a bad buzz on the social networks. Fortunately, fans are there to support them!
First “naked bad buzz” of the year 2017! And this is Tyler Posey and Cody Christian who are the victims since very intimate videos were leaked on social networks. It is certain that the two actors of Teen Wolf would never have wanted to see these videos unveiled to the general public in this way since they expose their intimate parts and most certainly intended for potential conquests. Since the first video that was unveiled this Saturday, that of Cody Christian, it is the stupor and the anger in the fans of both actors, especially on Twitter. Are they angry that Tyler Posey and co-star could shoot videos like this? Of course not, the fans support them, on the contrary and especially against the haters!
Since the distribution of videos this weekend of Tyler Posey and Cody Christian, messages are pouring on social networks. Some are indignant to see that both actors are able to shoot private videos like these while on the contrary, fans defend them at all costs! They even launched hashtags “#WeRespectYouCody” and “#WeRespectYouTyler” to show support for their favorite actors. If they have not yet reacted on their social networks, they will most certainly be happy to see so much support! In any case, it’s against the person (s) who unveiled these famous videos that fans have. Hoping that other actors in the series are not affected by this buzz. Fans are not the only ones to support Tyler Posey and Cody Christian since Dylan Sprayberry is desperate to support his pals ! Do you support both actors?