Tyler Posey and Cody Christian (Teen Wolf): Private videos unveiled, Dylan Sprayberry supports her friends!

Entertainment 16 January, 2017

Hard blow for Tyler Posey and Cody Christian! Intimate videos of the two actors were unveiled on social networks this weekend … Fortunately, they receive the support of one of their friends facing this new scandal!
The year 2017 does not begin in the best way for some actors … Notably the series Teen Wolf. The leaks are almost common now on the web, if not the buttocks of Kim Kardashian that break the internet, it is the photos and videos unveiled of some other celebrities who make talk about them. After Maisie Williams Game of Thrones and Lucy Hale of Pretty Little Liars, it is the turn of Tyler Posey and Cody Christian Teen Wolf see very intimate videos on the web ! Images which were certainly not intended to be thus exposed in this way … On these videos, we discover the two actors exposing intimate parts of their bodies. And if the images of Cody Christian are clearly recognizable, those of Tyler Posey are a little less but a message from one of their co-stars will confirm everything!
While this new “nudity scandal” made noise on the social networks since Saturday, day of the diffusion of the video of the interpreter of Theo Raeken in Teen Wolf, no two actors has yet faced this situation. It is Dylan Sprayberry, alias Liam in the series, who almost confirmed that the videos were indeed those of the two actors but not only! In addition to that and male solidarity, Dylan Sprayberry announced on his Twitter account that he too would unveil nude videos of her to support her two friends: “Hey guys, I’ll post my bare also like that, no will enjoy the credit ” , a message accompanied by hashtags speaking for themselves ” # I aimemesamis ” , ” respectezmesamis ” , ” penis ” . Little joke on the part of the 18-year-old actor or does he really intend to do so in support of Tyler Posey and Cody Christian? Stay tuned ! Meanwhile, discover what will happen this week in episode 8 of season 6 Teen Wolf, a worse threat than the next Ghost Riders? Do you think Dylan Sprayberry will really do it?