Tyler Posey and Cody Christian (Teen Wolf): Private videos unveiled, one of the actors finally speaking!

Entertainment 5 February, 2017

Not always obvious to see his privacy leak on social networks during a leak! Actors of Teen Wolf have paid the price at the beginning of the year and one of them wanted to leave a message to his fans …
We can say that the cast of Teen Wolf began 2017 in style … In mid-January, very intimate video of Tyler Posey and Cody Christian have leaked on the web . It is first of all the interpreter of Theo Raeken in the series which was touched by a video leaving no doubt about its identity both by its voice and by the images. A very intimate video that put the actor of 21 years in a difficult situation, but he is not the only one! The former boyfriend of Bella Thorne has also been victim of this leak and on several occasions! Just after his co-star Teen Wolf, Tyler Posey has seen photos and videos just as intimate as those of Cody Christian being unveiled on social networks. Scott McCall’s interpreter made it again a few days later with new videos. If the latter has not officially expressed on the subject since it is currently paused on social networks, it is Cody Christian who finally broke his silence!
Tyler Posey and Cody Christian were not the only victims of this first nude leak of the year as Ryan Kelley, one of their co-stars of Teen Wolf, also paid the price. Being quite active on social networks, it would seem that it did not disrupt it more than that. This is not the case of Cody Christian since one of his relatives had confided that the young man was devastated and felt humiliated in front of this leak. Nearly 20 days after the escape of his very intimate videos, Cody Christian has finally resurfaced on social networks! It was on his Twitter account that the actor of Pretty Little Liars has sent a message of thanks to his fans: “I love all of you with all my heart I’m incredibly grateful for your support Enjoy wave.. Of the final winter tonight! ” . Not a word more about the videos that have leaked on the web, just love to his fans! If that famous nude leak seems to have calmed down for the moment, did Dylan O’Brien could soon be hit after Cody Christian and Tyler Posey? Did you follow the story of this “nude leak”?