Tyler Posey: Bella Thorne threatened with death after breakup

Entertainment 11 January, 2017

If the separation between Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey saddened many fans, some Internet users did not hesitate to threaten the death of the actress of “Famous in Love”.
Having forgotten Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez came close to another famous singer and, to the delight of his Selenators who would love to see the couple in 2017. But if certain relationships are dreaming, the stars do not escape Not breaks and other dramas. Witnessed what happened to Bella Thorne there are few. Remember, at the end of December 2016, the It Girl was at the heart of all controversies. Because, while we thought the couple with Tyler Posey , actress was displayed very close to Charlie Puth during an outing on a beach in Miami . Photos that then made a real bad buzz on social networks. The reason ? The pretty redhead was seen kissing the singer. So the fans were quick to pick on it saying it wrong actor Teen Wolf . A difficult situation to manage for the young woman who recently confessed to having received numerous death threats on the Internet following his break with Tyler Posey .
Interviewed by People , Bella Thorne was then left to go to some confidences on this separation was not easy . “I saw a break and it was really difficult, you know, the fans, when they see you with someone, they immediately think that you are a couple, which is not true. people with whom I do not go out. they are simply friends ” has she revealed. Before adding that at that time she was attacked violently on the web : “For the people, social networks are very important and they think they know what they are talking about and your life They ask their friends.. You hate, hate you, or insult you with all the possible names, they thought I was cheating on my ex, but it was wrong, when I woke up that morning it was horrible. Nice when the whole world sees you as a disgusting person and people think we are not harassing in Hollywood and yet it happens and it is very violent. And to conclude, with regret: “You think I do not see the comments but this is the case and it’s very hurtful, especially when they are lies..” New confessions which will not fail to arouse strong reactions on the Web. As learned that Khloé, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were victims of a new flight. And are you surprised by these statements?