Tyler Posey, Cody Christian, Ryan Kelley (Teen Wolf): But where do the intimate videos of the stars come from?

Entertainment 23 January, 2017

The year 2017 started with a nude leak! For a few days, the videos and intimate photos of many stars are balanced on social networks … But how is this possible?
One can say that the year 2017 began in beauty for many stars with the leak of various videos very intimate! Tyler Posey and Cody Christian of Teen Wolf series were the first victims of the leak last weekend. It is first of all the interpreter of Theo Raeken who made the expense with the diffusion on the social networks of a very private video that puts the actor in a rather delicate situation since it is certain that it is Well it. It is then the ex of Bella Thorne who was the victim twice of this famous nude leak with the diffusion of two videos as well as photos where the actor is clearly recognizable on some. This leak shows once again that even the stars in private are a naughty hair! But how these very intimate videos of the stars could be balanced on the social networks? How did they fall into the hands of the hackers? This is the question that many fans are asking!
For a week, it’s panic in Hollywood since the beginning of this nude leak, the very first of 2017! And because Tyler Posey and Cody Christian were not the only targets since Ryan Kelley was also the victim of the hacker , but not only! Ricky Whittle or Gregg Sulkin are also at the heart of this leak. But how did these videos fall into the wrong hands? It seems that these videos were filmed using the Skype application and without the consent of users, all videos were recorded without their knowledge . Unfortunately for Skype users, application servers have been hacked, and the videos were left mostly on the same site: Celebrity Busted . We understand better how these videos could be balanced on social networks … If this leak touches for the moment that male personalities, nothing says that actresses or singers are not going to be also victims! This nude leak does not seem to be finished … Who could be the next victim of this leak?