Tyler Posey, Cody Christian, Ryan Kelley (Teen Wolf): Intimate videos leak, Dylan O’Brien soon hit?

Entertainment 28 January, 2017

The stars of Teen Wolf Tyler Posey, Cody Christian and Ryan Kelley were victims of a leak of photos and videos intimate. Is Dylan O’Brien the next on the list?
OMG! We recently told you, Tyler Posey, Cody Christian and Ryan Kelley were victims of a massive hacking . Result: very intimate videos circulate around the canvas, showing them in the simplest device and in very uncomfortable positions. If the stars have been hacked list is becoming longer , it is important to note the very particular nature of the latest videos: this is the first time that players from the same program ( Teen Wolf ) are Affected. And since video and more pictures are online, fans of the MTV series ironic about the possibility that Dylan O’Brien (Stiles interpreter) is also affected . So on Twitter , they are more than released!
If for some, the uploading of these videos and photos has something funny, it should be remembered the very damaging nature of this piracy. Yes, since the world saw them naked and sex literally in hand, Tyler Posey, Cody Christian and Ryan Kelley burrow home . Apart from an appearance at the People’s Choice Awards on January 18, no one has seen Tyler Posey since. Moreover, their credibility took a hit – although their sex appeal is able to stand out intact of this case. And while Britt Robertson recently unveiled an unusual story about Dylan O’Brien , it might not survive a professionally intimate video leak. Yes, seriously injured on the set of the Labyrinth 3 in March , the 25 year old actor had to work extra hard to make up all the days of shooting he failed. Remember, it will (finally) back in the final winter of Teen Wolf broadcast next week on MTV. What do you think of Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien?