Tyler Posey, Cody Christian, Ryan Kelley: What are they going to do after Teen Wolf?

While the shooting of Teen Wolf has recently finished, a question arises: what will now do Tyler Posey, Cody Christian and Ryan Kelley?
What’s next? A few weeks ago, we wondered if Tyler Posey, Cody Christian and Ryan Kelley would be able to recover from the leak of intimate videos . Integrated with the phenomenon of #TheMaleFappening, the three actors were victims of a particularly determined hacker. Thus, hundreds of thousands of Internet users could see them in their “birthday suit” , standing or lying. If the photos and videos are always accessible here and there on the canvas, the three actors decided to go ahead. And what better than to return to work to forget this unfortunate adventure? As we told you earlier, Ryan Kelley was the first to show the world that he was moving on to something else. Very active on social networks, He did not fail to enjoy the end of the shooting of Teen Wolf and that for the delight of his fans. Behind the scenes or moments of tenderness with his partners, Ryan Parrish’s interpreter will have helped fans of the MTV show to wait between and during each season. Recently, it was St. Patrick’s day that he was celebrating effectively on Instagram.
And speaking of St. Patrick, Cody Christian did not fail to make a little detour by the social networks on this occasion. Followed by 3.3 million people on Instagram , the 21-year-old actor discovered in Pretty Little Liars decided to fully assume his sex appeal and teaser the Internet. On the famous cliché, he writes in legend: “Kiss me, I’m Irish, and sweaty.” A message that obviously did not go unnoticed when one looks at the thousands of comments … If Ryan Kelley is looking for a new project, Cody Christian has Already taken the way of the turntables. Recently, he posted a shot of him, bare-chested and all- muscled , On the shooting of Assassination Nation . As a reminder, this thriller tells how four young girls become the focus of attention after their personal information has been hacked. This story reminds you of nothing? In Assassination Nation , Cody Christian plays Johnny and plays alongside Bella Thorne, ex Tyler Posey, whose kisses have maddened the web !
For his part, Tyler Posey seems determined to have a good time. After announcing that he was considering a break with social networks, the leak of his photos and videos intimate will have proved him right. The one who plays Scott McCall in Teen Wolf has not tweeted since last December 28 or posted on Instagram in 13 weeks. But after going behind the camera for an episode of Teen Wolf and his short film Welcome to the Zombie (available on YouTube), he whispers that the actor revealed by Coup de foudre in Manhattan would be willing to stay on that side – Of the camera. It remains to be seen if Hollywood and its financiers will be ready to entrust to him the reins of a bigger project!

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