Tyler Posey in depression? His last message worried

Entertainment 26 June, 2017

What happens to Tyler Posey? The actor does not seem to be at the top of his form and his fans worry about him, especially after the last post he posted …
A pure mystery … This is in any case what the last photo shared by Tyler Posey means for his fans. The actor of Teen Wolf posted a surprising cliche that made his followers react . Indeed, one sees a cup of milk with a cannabis leaf drawn on it. Moreover, in the background, we can see a finger of honor. To accompany this cliché, the interpreter of Scott has written the following legend: “Summaaatime : Where the Livings easy”, which can be translated by “The summer, when it is good to live”. His fans have asked a lot of questions after seeing this picture. Why does the actor make a finger of honor? Is it a latte to marijuana? And especially, What is the message of this cliché? Tyler Posey, who recently committed to the good cause , created a real frenzy on Instagram . Would the actor be depressed? One thing is certain, that his community was worried!
Tyler Posey has created unrest among her fans. If his photo received many likes, a lot of people were outraged on the Web. You can read all sorts of comments, including criticism as this photo could encourage drug use . Yes, Tyler Posey is a public person and many teenagers idolize her, which could influence them. Others see it as a “call for help” and fear that the Scott interpreter is still in full depression. Some time ago, Tyler Posey had opened up and confessed to being depressed after her mother’s death and had been doing therapy to get out. If he tried to reassure his community by saying that ” It is better today, this photo leaves them big doubts. What do you think of this cliche?