Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf): How did he become the icon of a generation?

Entertainment 18 July, 2017

Tyler Posey is the main actor in the MTV Teen Wolf series, making more than ever an icon for a whole generation. But how did he reach this status?

We love it! That’s the first thought that comes to mind when it comes to Tyler Posey. Indeed, the 25 years old actor is now one of those few people who are unanimous with a whole generation. Tyler Posey, who was revealed in Manhattan’s Love Strike in which he played Jennifer Lopez’s son, exploded with Teen Wolf, the MTV series that will end this summer. Indeed, after 6 seasons and 100 episodes, the producers decided to release the actors and give the fans a worthy end of the name. And while they were telling you exactly what Tyler Posey plans after the end of Teen Wolf, it’s a safe bet that he will still remain the idol of the young.

But if Tyler Posey has managed to remain a cool and funny guy in the minds of teens, it’s because this young man is truly cool and funny. His loved ones have never ceased to say how much he could be jokes and his fans could feast all his years of jokes posted on social networks, Instagram and Twitter in mind. Released from her depression, Tyler Posey is now able to talk about her mother’s death openly and has completely regained her taste for life. A news that is not to displease us so much we are attached to it. Ultra connected all these years, the interpreter of Scott McCall never missed a single opportunity to inform the Net surfers of what was going on in his life.

Tyler Posey could have been considered a nerd if he had not been so spoiled by skateboarding and electric guitar. If some will see in this remark a reference to his intimate videos that have leaked a few months ago, it is not. Less popular than Dylan O’Brien and Colton Haynes, Tyler Posey is no less the one whose fanbase most often responds. We understand better why the actor does some tricks a little crazy when he is in contact with his audience. One thinks in particular the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards 2016, when it decided to make a small joke to his fans pretending to show them his butt! Very open and endowed with a real political conscience, Tyler Posey is in the image of our generation: audacious, resourceful and profoundly good!