Uncharted, the movie: Tom Holland (Spider-Man) cast as Nathan Drake

Cinema 23 May, 2017

It’s official, Tom Holland joins the cast of the movie adaptation of the video game Uncharted. Who will join him in this adventure?
The cinematographic adaptations of video games are not always obvious and the fans do not make gifts. After the very limited success of the Warcraft & Assassin’s Creed films , one would think that producers would be more and more cautious to embark on a new adaptation and yet two new films will be released in the next few years. As we recently unveiled the first official images of the new version of Tomb Raider with Alicia Vikander , we learned yesterday that Tom Holland officially joined the cast of the movie Uncharted in the role of a young Nathan Drake, the treasure hunter. A news that does not make the ”
Are we going to discover a film close to the game Uncharted 3 in which the players discover by flashback the youth of the character or the writers will we train in a Origin Story in which Tom Holland will take the lead throughout the film? The actor we find in July in Spider-Man Homecoming has his shoulders to carry a movie by himself, but there is no doubt that the fans of the game would prefer a more mature version of the character for the first movie Uncharted .