Under The Same Roof: Adèle Castillon takes her first steps to the cinema, our critic!

Cinema 19 April, 2017

Today is released in the rooms Under The Same Toit, a comedy about the divorce and its hazards with Louise Bourgoin, Gilles Lellouche and Adèle Castillon. Here is our criticism.
Living with your parents is not easy every day. But then to live with his parents when they have divorced, but that they are forced to live together for lack of financial means, whereas they can no longer bear to bear, that is a real hell. And this is exactly what Violette (Adèle Castillon) and Lucas (Kiola Abiteboul) will be living with their parents, Delphine (Louise Bourgoin) and Yvan (Gilles Lellouche) in Dominique Farrugia’s Sous Le Même Toit. Trailer . A subject that was close to the heart of the director, when we know that it is a situation that is happening more and more nowadays. But contrary to the dramatic The Economy of the couple , by Joachim Lafosse, Dominique Farrugia chose the map of humor, Which he knows best to do. And that gives then a social comedy in the air of the time, where all the blows are allowed and where the comic situations are connected , way Dad or Mom . A hair too Papa or Maman , perhaps, because if we laugh readily before the pettiness of Gilles Lellouche and Louise Bourgoin, the latter prove to be rather predictable.
Where Under The Same Roof stands out, however, is that Dominique Farrugia also knew how to alternate these crazy vicissitudes with more touching moments, almost tears pull. One thinks especially of Yvan and his difficult beginnings, before he decides to re-move in his home with his ex-wife. The street, the lack of money, the job that does not take. Even if some situations and jokes of Gilles Lellouche make us laugh, one can not help but have a pinch in the heart at times and Gilles Lellouche is very touching in disillusioned looser . As for Louise Bourgoin, the former Miss du Grand Journal has clearly come a long way and is surprising as a mother and a woman sometimes psychotic, sometimes mad to bind, sometimes nympho, sometimes upset. We also note the performance of Adèle Castillon, which we saw in a new teaser . The YouTubeuse is taking its first steps to the cinema and they are more than promising. In short, with a good casting, comical hilarious situations even if rather awaited and touching moments, Under The Same Roof is a good comedy as we love them so much. So, will you see this movie?