Underworld – Blood Wars: 3 good reasons to see the film

After five years of absence, the Underworld saga is back with the release of Underworld: Blood Wars. And here are 3 good reasons to go see it without further delay!
Already ten years since we discovered the universe of Underworld, with Sélène, the vampire killer of lycans and her long leather coat, embodied on the screen by Kate Beckinsale. The war between the blood drinkers and the werewolves then raged, offering us some of the most badass scenes of the cinema (yes, we dare to say it loudly). But it is not over and it is getting better again today, with the release of Underworld: Blood Wars . And between Semira, ready to do anything to take control of the clan of vampires and the terrible Marius, the new leader of the overpowering Lycans who has after the blood of his daughter Eve, Selene is going to have a hard time. Promising, is not it? And even, You did not read our 3 good reasons to go see this fifth part without further delay . It’s a gift, of course you do what you want!
Selene is back, more badass than ever – If it were believed that Selena could not be more violent, more powerful, classier or more sanguinary, it was to be mistaken. Because in Underworld: Blood Wars , our vampire with long leather coat is completely unleashed. Betrayed once again by her own community, with a new enemy who has after her beloved daughter, Selene is more furious than ever. And on top of that, she has new powers that give her incredible speed. And as much you admit it right away: it’s class.
Violence, do you want it here – The saga has never skimped on blood spurts, offering us more incredible fights than the others. But it must be noted that Underworld: Blood Wars is a notch above in terms of brutality and hemoglobin. On the program: slaughter, organ harvesting and bloody scenes that could make Quentin Tarantino envy. Oh, and you were not told about the Nordic Assembly, a people of pacifist vampires who turn out to be excellent killers. There, a most epic battle awaits you there.
Wicked ones more interesting than the previous ones – This is perhaps one of the great drawbacks of the saga. The wicked were rather impressive, but they lacked madness and intelligence. But there, between Semira, the vampire who plots to take command of the vampire clan, cruel and cruel at will, and Marius, the new leader of the overpowering lycans, who plots also not badly to defeat all the vampires and who has more Of a trick in his bag, it is clear that Underworld: Blood Wars has taken grade level villains. Under the guise of Lara Pulver and Tobias Menzies , you’ll love to hate them.

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