Underworld: Blood Wars, Selene and David find themselves in an exclusive excerpt!

Cinema 31 January, 2017

It will take some time but finally, Selene and David are back to play tricks on lycans and vampires. Discover them in an exclusive excerpt!
Five years ! This is the time it took to find Selene, David and the eternal war between the lycans and the vampires on our big screens since the release of the fourth part of Underworld in 2012. But on February 15 , They will be back, and they are more thirsty than ever. One has only to see the title, Underworld: Blood Wars to understand that it will be bloody. For this time, our heroine badass with a long leather coat will have to face the two clans, the latter having turned against her. Between Semira, played by Lara Pulver , desperate to take control of the clan of vampires and the terrible Marius, the new head of overkill Lycans, Selene will have a hard time. Fortunately, she can count on new powers but also its long-time ally, David (Theo James) . Even if, obviously, the latter had difficulty to find it, as shown in this exclusive extract.
As we can see, David is looking for Eve, the daughter of Selene. He is not the only one. Marius, the new chief of the lycans, has also after her. Or rather, after his blood, which could make him invincible. As much to say that it is better not. But obviously, even her mother does not know where she is, a way to protect her daughter from her enemies. And something tells us that she is ready to do anything to prevent the terrible Marius from finding her! Hence the side “bloody” title, perhaps? One thing is certain, we long to regain our badass heroine and Theo James in the role of David, and especially to discover how Selene gets his new powers and her blonde / white hair , which, let’s be honest, is what interests us most. And for that, we’ll meet you on February 15 in theaters!