Underworld – Blood Wars: The saga in 5 key moments!

Cinema 2 February, 2017

On February 15th, vampires and lycans will return to the cinema in Underworld: Blood Wars. In the meantime, we thought it would be nice to have you review the saga.
It was ten years ago. Underworld went out to the movies with Kate Beckinsale in the role of the iconic vampire Selene bloody and long leather coat, but also in that of Scott Speedman Michael Corvin, its hybrid lovers, half-vampire half-lycan. At that time, the war between the two species was raging, and since then it has never stopped. She will also flare in two short weeks, with the release of Underworld 5: Blood Wars, you can see the new trailer , and as you say, as the title indicates, it will be bloody . Suddenly, the editorial ‘of melty, we thought it would surely make good to the most seasoned fans – or less, after all, they are welcome too – back on the most memorable moments of the four first films of the saga . Those that have made us grow “Ooooh” , the “Aaaah” , the “Nooo” or even “yeees” . Of those who make Underworld a cult saga despite all the gossips of the world.
When Michael turns into a hybrid
What would Underworld without Michael? He is the only one to have managed to steal the heart of Selene, while she was a vampire and that he was a Lycan. Well, okay, when they met, he was still human. The Lycans took a little too much interest in him, thus arousing the interest of Selene. And when she finally manages to put her hand on it, he gets bitten by Lucian. But then he saved her life, and she is indebted to him, to the point of falling back on his own species. In flight both, necessarily, it closer. Until Kraven, who had then partnered with Lucian to bring down the Elders, did not shoot Michael with silver bullets. In the process of agonizing, Sélène, desperate, eventually bite him, making him the first hybrid. His skin turns blue, his bone structure changes and his eyes darken. And above all, it becomes remarkably strong and fast, even more so than transformed lycans or vampires. The class in Dallas.
When Selene kills Victor
And he had not stolen it, that one! While during all these years (centuries, it may even be said), it made him believe that his family had been massacred by lycans, Sélène discovers that it is in fact Victor who committed this horrible crime (thank you Kraven ). Between this revelation and the fact that he wants to kill his precious Michael, as much to tell you that our bloodthirsty vampire was more than irritated when she found herself in front of him. And we jubilate when, in full battle, she jumps and splits her head in two with her sword. Especially at the beginning, he thinks she missed it. Then, suddenly, one sees his skull split in two and, in a perfect timing, Selene brandishes his sword dripping with blood, a sadistic smile on his lips. More badass, you’re dying.
Markus and William VS Sélène and Michael
This is certainly one of the most epic fights of the saga. At the end of Underworld 2: Evolution , Markus, the first vampire, managed to find where is imprisoned his twin brother William, the first lycan, and releases. But it was without counting Sélène, then stronger and faster than ever thanks to the blood of Alexander Corvinus, the father of the two brothers, and Michael. There followed more violent combat scenes than ever, until Michael literally tore William’s head and Selene threw Markus into the helicopters of a helicopter fallen in the meantime, offering us blood spurts like Saga knows how to do it well. Next to it, Tarantino’s films are almost nothing at all!
The death of Sonja
Selene and Michael are not the only vampires and lycans to fall in love with each other. Centuries before, there was Lucian and Sonja, Victor’s daughter. In Underworld 3: The Rise of the Lycans is the story that is told, and it is heartbreaking. Because when Sonja decides to defy his father and help Lucian to escape to be able to join him, Victor discovers the truth and decides to imprison him. But it is when he discovers that she is pregnant with the lycan that he becomes mad and condemns her to death for treason. She is then tied to a pole and exposed to sunlight, while Lucian is forced to watch the woman he loves turn into ash. A horrible scene, which breaks the heart, and which is at the origin of the war between the lycans and the vampires.
Eve, daughter of Selene
We hesitated with the fight between Selene and Super Lycan, but it must still admit that what surprised us most in Underworld 4: New Era is Eve, the daughter of Selene and Michael. Hybrid child has the three strains of virus in his blood Original : Immortals, Vampires and Lycans. If we thought Michael was overwhelmed, it was before knowing Eve. For it reveals itself a real fury, tearing his opponents in two of a disconcerting facility (even Sélène is astonished, that is to say) and capable in particular of tearing the throat of Jacob Lane, director of Antigen, a hybrid him too. This promises to the events in Underworld: Blood Wars, you can find an exclusive extract. And you, what moment did you most notice in the Underworld saga?