Unpublished photos of the Titanic cast doubt on the reasons for the sinking

Entertainment 3 January, 2017

The mystery of the Titanic continues to fascinate. Following a documentary broadcast on English television, doubts about the reasons for the sinking resurface. According to some experts, a fire would have weakened the hull of the ship well before the famous crossing …
New questions about the sinking of the mythical Titanic. But this time, it is not whether there was enough room for two on board this famous … Since the release of very serious documentary Titanic: The New Evidence on the English Channel 4, the 31 December last, the debate on the causes of the 1912 tragedy is relaunched. According to Irish journalist Senan Monoly, investigating the subject for a long time, the iceberg would not be solely responsible for the disappearance of the ship.
He believes that a fire in the boiler room would in fact have weakened the hull of the boat several weeks before his departure from Southampton. ” New photos discovered in an album that n ‘had not been opened for 100 years show a distortion on the right side of the hull that n is not a reflection. The deformation is the exact place where the iceberg struck , ” he told the website Mashable FR . According to experts he questioned, the fire would have even lost about 75% of its resistance to the steel of the hull.
Although it was reported by several employees, the fire was concealed because the issue was too important for the authorities. It is impossible to make such an incident, at the risk of having to delay the departure of the “greatest steamer in the world”, the pride of the English merchant navy. But without this fragility on its prow, could the ship have resisted the shock? The enthusiasts of history and navigation are lost in conjectures …
What, maybe give James Cameron ideas for a future movie? Anyway, the famous ship continues to dream: a billionaire even planned to make waves his reply the Titanic II in 2018 .