US box office: Doctor Strange mystifies Trolls

Cinema 7 November, 2016

strangeWith nearly $ 85 million, “Doctor Strange,” the new Marvel hero, logically headed the US box office over the weekend 4 to 6 November, before the animated film “The Trolls” and ” thou shalt not kill “by Mel Gibson.

If the presence of Doctor Strange led the US box office this weekend was predictable, expectations mainly concerned the amount of its revenues. With almost 85 * million between 4 and 6 November, the film led by Benedict Cumberbatch sign “only” the tenth best start for a Marvel film, certainly, but it mostly succeeds in achieving the third best start for a introductory film with a character of Marvel Cinematic Universe , behind Iron Man ($ 98 million) and Guardians of the Galaxy ($ 94 million) but ahead of Thor ($ 65 million), Captain America ($ 65 million), Ant- Man ($ 57 million) and The Incredible Hulk ($ 55 million).

US box office of 4 to 6 November 2016: Top 5

Rank previous rank Movie Revenue (in dollars) Total US box office (in dollars) French output
1 Novelty Doctor Strange 84989000 84989000 October 26, 2016
2 Novelty Trolls 45600000 45600000 October 19, 2016
3 Novelty Do not kill 14750000 14750000 November 9, 2016
4 1 Boo! A Madea Halloween 7800000 64990055 shortly
5 2nd Inferno 6250000 26057930 November 9, 2016
Mission accomplished for the Stephen Strange metaphysical superhero, which integrates through the front door the MCU and enables Disney to cross through its US results but also international (third best Marvel startup in China, for example), heading 6 billion in global revenues in one year for the first time in its history! A cumulation should approach 8 billion by the end of the year, to the extent that the studio still has big ears out Vaiana and Rogue One by the end of December.

Second, Trolls DreamWorks Animation does not demerit, with 45 million * for their opening weekend. Already credited with 2 million admissions in France, creatures with colorful characters hair and pop and groovy sign a solid start for an “original” film (not part of a franchise) in the waters of Madagascar, Dragons Shrek, In road or Croods. Only Kung Fu Panda had done much better with 60 million greenbacks for its launch.

Ranked third and haloed very good reviews that make him a serious candidate for the Oscars, Mel Gibson garnered $ 14.7 * million for a comeback to the realization with war movie Thou shalt not kill . Debuting in line with those of Apocalypto decade ago, who finished his career with US $ 50 million to the counter. With a positive word of mouth, this new feature can legitimately hope for more.

Thou shalt not kill Trailer

Leader of the previous two weeks, Boo! A Madea Halloween mark not necessarily address these three major innovations. The film of Tyler Perry nevertheless harvest new 7.8 * million for a close accumulated $ 65 million, and should soon become the second biggest hit of the career of the director.

Behind, times are tough for Tom Hanks / Robert Langdon who loses almost 58% of viewers in the second week, and hardly exceed $ 25 million with Inferno : the $ 133 million of Angels & Demons and $ 217 million of Da Vinci Code seem very far … and only the international success of the film Ron Howard (already $ 160 million in revenue, and a French release on November 9) will give some hope to fans that one day adaptation the Lost Symbol , the fourth novel in the saga of Dan Brown.

Tom Cruise is also struggling with Jack Reacher: Never Go Back , which with less than $ 50 million in counter, is currently the least profitable film for a film carried by the actor in the lead role. Note also the good outfits Mr. Wolff ($ 70 million on a budget of $ 44 million), Ouija 2 ($ 31 million on a budget of $ 9 million) and The Girl on the Train ($ 70 million on a budget of $ 45 million) and the exit limited success ($ 169 000 on 4 screens) of Loving Jeff Nichols also likely candidate at the upcoming Oscars.