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Health 5 July, 2017


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This July 8, will mark the official end of the school year 2017. A date is very much expected of the children and their parents. But the vigilance must not slacken on this occasion. Health agencies go up so the front and recall a few elementary rules of caution. Starting with the edge of the water.

Whether on the beach, in the mountains or in a recreation area, the same tips apply with respect to the exposure to the sun. Sunscreen, hats and warm clothing are of use. The ministry of Health reminds us, in a pamphlet, that the indices of the highest protection are not perfect. An index of 50 leaves to spend 2 % of ultraviolet rays.

Water quality

The water may also represent a major hazard, it is therefore important not to leave children unattended. And especially to respect the safety instructions posted near the bathing place. The health authorities therefore invite the French to take a dip in the patrolled areas and remain alert to the weather conditions.

2015, 1 266 people drowned in the sea in half of the cases. Most of the victims are over the age of 45 years and suffered from a pathology. This should encourage them to meet their physical capacities. But young children are also likely to drown. Teach them to swim as early as possible would help avoid this.

Many water bodies are within the reach of the French, who want the freshness. To help, the official website lists the quality of water bodies in real time. Last year, 77 % of shoreline were judged to be of excellent quality. But vigilance must not be relaxed on the side of the anglers. Because many shellfish are carriers of toxins and bacteria that may present a risk to their health.

Two million fishermen are, therefore, encouraged to take precautions when gathering shellfish and seafood. Wash them thoroughly and eat them throughout the day is imperative. Children and pregnant women, should avoid this type of experience.

Attention to the insects

But even with the greatest of cautions, incidents are possible. The jellyfish, for example, regularly invite on the shores of French. In the event of a puncture, the health authorities recommend rinsing the wound quickly.

Source : ministry of Health

In the land and to the rivers edge, other small beasts can invite and spoil the party. Particularly in the case of a picnic. Again, the health authorities have provided the right advice, depending on the nature of the attack.