Vaccination requirement : Agnès Buzyn confirms its enlargement

Health 27 June, 2017


Published the 27.06.2017 at 11h22


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The new minister of Health has decided. 11 vaccines will soon be mandatory, compared to three today. Agnès Buzyn has confirmed this June 26, according to our information. She made the announcement during a meeting with the representatives of the associations of patients. The hematologist will, therefore, follow the recommendations of the citizen consultation, which has handed its findings to its predecessor, Marisol Touraine.

With the vaccination requirement, Agnès Buzyn inherits a delicate matter. Last February, the State Council has accelerated the tempo. The DT-Polio, which contains the three strains required, must be available to all. He left six months for the government to act. This period expires on 8 August.
The minister of Health is committed to advancing the immunization policy. Like many, she acknowledges the difficulty of combining obligation and recommendation. The situation must therefore be simplified.
To fix the number of vaccines essential and mandatory, Agnès Buzyn took into account the factors of risk in the territory. It has stopped his choice on the stem are useful, necessary, but without risk to the children.

Aware of the hesitation of the general public, the minister of Health wants to match this expansion of further education. The goal is to remind the French of the importance of this gesture is a preventative measure.

The fear of aluminum

But for the president of France Assos Health, Alain-Michel Ceretti, the fear of aluminum used as an adjuvant in several vaccines – remains poorly understood at the head of the State. 40 % of French people express doubts vis-à-vis the safety of vaccines. And the aluminum is at the heart of these concerns, including among some of the member associations of France Assos Health.

“I think that the minister does not measure fully the fear of the aluminum triggered in a lot of French people, he says. When we talk about expanding to 11 the number of vaccines that are required, people think that it will multiply by three or four the dose of aluminum. “This is not the case.

The minister must exercise persuasion to reconcile the population with the vaccines. He’ll probably need to be more clear on the interest of the adjuvants and their risks. A study which is being conducted by the national security Agency of the drug (MSNA) should help.