Vaccination requirement : no breakdown of stock is to be feared

Health 11 September, 2017


Published the 11.09.2017 to 18h51


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It was the 4th of July. The national Assembly gathered around the Prime minister. Edouard Philippe delivers his general policy speech. On this occasion, it confirms the evolution of the vaccine strategy in France. More specifically, the enlargement of the obligation to eleven strains against three today (1).

It is then the turn of the minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn, to specify the calendar. From 1 January 2018, the obligation will be effective. This leaves less than six months to an entire chain – from production to injection – to organize. The goal is sustainable ? This is the question that Pourquoidocteur has posed to the parties concerned.

The labs serene

Upstream of the distribution, the manufacturers are rather serene. Several laboratories are divided in the production of the vaccines listed in the vaccination schedule. Among them, Sanofi Pasteur wants to be reassuring. “For several years, these vaccines are already being used by a very large majority of parents “, says the French laboratory.

In fact, at least 70 % of the children have already received the 11 vaccines that will become mandatory. For some formulations, the coverage is even higher than 90 %. The higher demand will therefore be limited. “It is certain that there will be an increase in the need, recognizes Sanofi Pasteur. But we plan on being able to supply without any problem. “

Not need, according to the manufacturer, to adapt the means of production : it is already ensured at the global scale by several plants. The presentation may differ, but the strains remain the same. What to do in the face of a growing demand. Not to mention that all does not rest on the shoulders of a single laboratory. They are several to share the market : Sanofi, Pfizer, GSK and MSD. And none of the vaccines will become mandatory does not suffer from voltage supply.

No special strategy

Has the national Order of Pharmacists also, serenity reigns. The schedule may be tight, the institution does not disturb. The section of holders of licences to operate has not reflected on the organization to adopt. “It is too early to know how this is going to happen “, does one respond to Pourquoidocteur.

It must be said that, in terms of logistics, the decision has nothing to do with a revolution. “This is not a novelty, such vaccines are already included in the immunization schedule, and they are not out of stock,” recalls the Pr Daniel Floret, vice-president of the technical Committee of vaccinations (CTV) to the High Authority of Health.

The third-party payer will also continue to apply for patients. Contacted by Pourquoidocteur, the ministry of Health, leaves no doubt on the subject : “there will be no cost to the patients “. The mandatory vaccinations will continue to be reimbursed at 65% to the expenses of health Insurance and 35 % of the pocket complementary. A notable exception, the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella), covered at 100 % before 17 years of age.

The doctors at the front

Finally, it is without doubt on the side of the prescribers that the pressure weighs the most. Agnès Buzyn a, in effect, chosen not to impose the new policy on vaccine communication campaign. Calling the passage the media and doctors to take sides in the debate.

“It is we, the pediatricians, infectious disease physicians or general practitioners, to do the work of explanation. And we’ll take care, ” stresses dr. Robert Cohen, pediatrician-infectiologist. In other words, to make the parents understand that the enlargement of the obligation was necessary.


Robert Cohen, a pediatrician at Créteil (Val-de-Marne) : “You know that it’s going to need that one explained, as it communicates so very important. The pivot of the decision, it is the treating doctor. “

But this pediatrician infectiologist at the hospital intercommunal of Créteil (Val-de-Marne) admits : “the response of The State may not, in any case without explanation. If you think that the obligation is sufficient, it will not work, he predicted. It will require an effort of persuasion. “

In fact, this government’s announcement has been somewhat tense the doubtful who have made their voices heard. But apart from a few interventions on the sets tv and the micro of the big radio stations, the minister of Health has responded with an information campaign.