Valenciennes : shoes chinese cause burns and ulcers

Health 20 July, 2017


Published the 20.07.2017 at 18h23


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In the midst of balances, the two incidents could well refreiner the shopping needs of some. After that the voice of The North has revealed the case of a woman in that new shoes had created an ulcer at the foot, a second emerged to report chemical burns. The two pairs are ” made in China “.

The first purchases of the shoes to “comfort” two weeks ago at the store Chaussea of the municipality of Petite-Forêt, just next to Valenciennes. A week after the purchase, the first symptoms appeared. Swelling of the foot, inflammation of the Achilles tendon, and the emergence of an ulcer on the back of the foot.


#PetiteForet An ulcer on the foot due to – yet! – shoe of the chinese, bought at Chaussea

— VDNValenciennes (@VDNValenciennes) July 19, 2017


The surgery may be necessary

“I put a bandage on to protect and I continued to put on the right shoes… my feet are sensitive in general, but this, this had never happened to me “, says the young woman. Since this Monday, she is off work. After two appointments with her doctor, she receives on a daily basis a nurse who tries to improve the healing of his ulcer.

But his situation does not improve. “If it isn’t getting any better, he may need a surgery, I was told the nurse,” she added in the journal northerner.

Contacted by the victim, the store Chaussea has removed the model from sale as a precaution, pending the outcome of the analysis, and was concerned about the fate of his client. “Like every time there is a complaint, we take the matter very seriously “, explained the responsible.