Valerian: A video clip unveils new images

Cinema 27 June, 2017

The clip for A Million on my Soul gives us the opportunity to see a lot of unpublished images of Valerian.
Since the last intriguing and impressive trailer of Valerian , the film has returned to radio silence mode and communicates relatively little as it will be released in French cinemas on July 26 . But it changes with the video clip of the singer Alexiane and her title A Million on My Soul , which will be included on the soundtrack of the film. We let you watch this video that mixes scenes of the singer and very fast extracts of the film, which for some had not been seen until then.
As you can see, not so many images of Valerian and Laureline but a good overview of the different species that we will cross throughout the film. Luc Besson and his team have done a gigantic job on the universe, be it the places or the inhabitants of the city of the thousand planets and the film should have a special atmosphere. It remains to be seen whether the script and the whole cast will manage to fully exploit this framework to offer us a film that will be remembered. Response at the end of July and as Dane DeHaan would say , one expects to be surprised by Valerian.